How to Choose a harness for kitesurfing

After a marked career in the service of all our customers, we have become a kitesurf school in Tarifa reputed and demanded by a large number of people who decide to start or improve their skills in this sport. It is a recent discovery that has had a tremendous reception.

With our courses, and under the supervision of our expert instructors, you will learn little by little the secrets of kitesurfing, its main movements, the pleasure of riding the waters and the adrenaline that is created.

Of course, to be able to master this discipline in a total way, it is necessary to accumulate a remarkable knowledge about the indispensable equipment for its practice. One of those fundamental elements is the harness. The type of subsequent navigation will depend on your choice, whether race, freeride or freestyle.

Thanks to our experience as a kitesurfing school in Tarifa we can tell you that the harness will not only influence the modality that will be carried out, but also in the comfort and subjection of the rider.

Basically, a harness is a piece that allows the connection between our body and the kite. Therefore, we must be aware that the traction of the kite will be performed on this element, which can cause problems in our back if it is not fully adapted.

Thus, among the main types we find the harness trousers, a kind of pants with straps between the legs. It is the indicated alternative for beginners and for those who will travel long distances or move at high speeds.

The straps that incorporate these harness trousers are placed in the crotch area, and allow this element to rise during the practice of kitesurfing, in addition to ensuring that the center of gravity remains low at all times. In addition, the rider can adopt a sitting position, reducing pressure and pain in the back.

The second class will be the harness belt also known as dorsal. This option is usually carried a little higher than the previous one, and must be fully adapted to the body to avoid climbing up under the arms.

The belt harness grants greater freedom of movement, being the right one for the freestyle style.

In Velair Adventures we will be happy to offer you the best kitesurfing courses and the most complete advice on the material necessary to practice this sport.