See ya at the Ocean Tarifa Spain!

Ocean Tarifa

See ya at the Ocean Tarifa Spain!

Tarifa is welknown worldwide by the beauty of it beaches and variety of watersports that can be practised at the Ocean Tarifa. Paradoxically, , due to the strong winds in the area previous to  the 80´s, when windsurfers arrived, Tarifa was a desert in terms of tourists, after they arrived a new story began and Tarifa becomed the Mecca of Windsurfing in Europe. Nowadays thousands of tourists visit the area looking basically for watersports and rich multicultural community formed basically by watersports athletes from all over the glove. They have contributed a lot to create a ecological environment, develop business based in sport and create and unique atmosphere and under our point of view the pillars in Tarifa must be the previously mentioned sports, community, ecology and the ocean.

But Tarifa is not just windsurfing. The Ocean in Tarifa provides countless alternatives: tours in Kayak Tarifa, Stand and Paddle, kitesurfing lessons, diving, snorkelling, surfing, fishing, whale watching, gastronomy and any watersport that you can imagine.

The Ocean in Tarifa indirectly facilitate the practice of other non water sports, as the influence of the sea and the humidity brought to the coast by the effect of the wind coming from Levante has permited the creation of a wide variety of ecosystems around Tarifa, as a matter of fact, an old wet forest persists inside the mountains of Tarifa and it is known as the last jungle in the european continent.

Do not miss the opportunity of cicling, jungle trekking, hiking, climbing or visiting the Natural Parks on 4×4 cars.

If you are around Tarifa, Velair Adventures offer you many of these outdoor plans in Tarifa, kindly have a look at our web page or just contact us we will do our best to provide you a wide range of alternatives and suit your needs.

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