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Paddle surf Tarifa
Paddle Surf Rental
  • Duration: 1 h ó 2 hrs
  • Price from: 15€
  • Lenguage: ES, EN, FR.


Paddle surf Tarifa
Private Paddle Surf Classes
  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Price: 80€
  • Lenguage: ES, EN, FR.


Group Paddle Surf Classes
  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Price: 40€
  • Leguage: ES, EN, FR.



Can I do paddle surf without any experience?

Yes. It is one of the most frequent questions. Most people can, and they love it! It is relatively easy to learn. It is suitable for all ages and skill levels.

I have never done paddle surfing, can I do some route?

If you do not have experience, it is best to start with the Private Initiation Paddle Surf Tarifa course, which will allow you to progress much faster. In this 1 hour paddle surf class we teach you the basics so you can practice on your own. Like self rescue techniques, control the paddle board, paddle, climb and make simple turns. These classes are oriented to begin and be able to walk in conditions of little swell, current and wind.

The Paddle Surf or SUP courses are organized in Tarifa, on the beach of Valdevaqueros or on the beach of Los Lances, and in Algeciras on the beach of Getares and Punta Carnero, within the Natural Park of the Strait, depending on the weather conditions and availability.

The private SUP Paddle Surf Tarifa courses have a monitor for you only.

The Stand up Paddle Group Classes are aimed at families, couples of all ages, children and friends. And in this case the classes last 2 hours, in which we will make games and training very fun.

Which paddle surfing routes do you recommend?

The one we like most is the route of the Natural Park of the Strait.


This excursion from Stand up Paddle to Cala Arena is unique for its conditions as we will coast along the Natural Park overlooking the Jebel Musa, in Morocco, one of the two columns of Hercules along with the Rock of Gibraltar and on the other side of the Strait, and the impressive views of the Park.

The abundant vegetation of this, its virgin coves, its crystal clear waters and the Torre del Fraile, watchful for centuries of the passage of boats in the Strait, make this excursion a unique activity. We will also know the Punta Carnero Lighthouse, admire rocky cliffs and flysch characteristic of this area.

The route starts at 20 minutes by car from Tarifa and we can offer you pick-up and transportation service back to your hotel in Tarifa, Algeciras or Gibraltar.

But the route along the beaches of Tarifa is also incredible.


Route that begins in Tarifa, Cadiz where you will enjoy one of the last virgin beaches of Spain and located within the Natural Park of the Strait. You will know this kilometric beaches, you will be surprised by a majestic dune, natural monuments, more than 30 m high and you will know its historical value.

In this Paddle surf Tarifa excursion you will be part of the impressive views of the Strait and the beginning of the African continent, with the Jebel Musa as its gateway.

We recommend visiting, if you do not already know, the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia and climb the dune of Bologna or the dune of Valdevaqueros and admire from there the breathtaking views of the Strait.

I’ve seen a paddle surf route at night, is that possible?


From Velair Paddle Surf Tarifa we organize this night paddlesurf tour with full moon, you can enjoy the incredible views of this unique place. The Getares Beach is located within the Natural Park of the Strait. On this tour in the light of the full moon you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Natural Park, the brightness of lights in Morocco letting you guess the silhouette of the Jebel Musa and the unbeatable views of the Park lit over the sea.

You will discover how the plankton look like marine fireflies and you will fall in love with the wonderful Bay of Algeciras.

You will enjoy a unique adventure, in a privileged place that will make this paddle surfing excursion an unforgettable moment.

What are the benefits of paddle surfing?

The benefits are immense!

• It is an activity that you can do alone, with friends and family. You will always enjoy and that benefits your health.

• It is an excellent sport where you will improve in stability and endurance.

• Paddle surfing can be relaxing or exciting. You will be filled with new sensations, depending on what you are looking for.

• Sport in general is good for the body, mind and spirit. But doing it outdoors will give you a more stimulating feeling of being connected with the nature that surrounds you.

Why is a person’s weight an important factor?

Because the more weight, more instability and more you will consume to stay on top of the table. But our boards are good in a very high weight range. Both children and large people can practice paddle surfing without problems. If you think you may have a problem, do not forget to tell us before making the reservation.

Hard or inflatable paddle surf board?

Inflatable Stand up Paddle boards tend to be more durable, more stable and take up less storage space, but are also less rigid.

And although some schools offer SUP rental of this type of material, we do not recommend it in any case. Why? Because we are in an area where there is almost always wind, and inflatable boards are moved by the wind very easily. Besides being dangerous, they are very uncomfortable to govern. And we watch mainly for safety and above all we want the client to enjoy this sport.

Although the hard paddle surf boards, they need much more maintenance and are much more expensive.

I’m in Cadiz and I want to paddle surf, what do you recommend?

The environment of the Natural Park of the Strait is exceptional for the practice of Paddle Surf SUP. Our coasts, beaches and rivers are incredible.

The beaches of Getares, Los Lances, Valdevaqueros, Bolonia and Punta Carnero allow from guided excursions in flat waters to introduction in surf with waves, climbed on top of your  paddle board.

The coast between Algeciras and Tarifa, where the Natural Park of the Strait is located, is an area of transparent waters and sandy coves where paddling in Paddle Surf Tarifa.

Our activities in the Paddle Surf School Tarifa are carried out daily, throughout the year and we are facing the sea.

Initiation courses to the Stand Up Paddle Stand, Paddle Surf SUP, private lessons from Tarifa and Algeciras, excursions along the coast of Cadiz, activities for groups.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request information about our Paddle Surf Tarifa activities.