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Learn surf in tarifa

Surf class
  • Duration: 1 ó 2 hrs
  • Price from: 30€
  • lenguages: ES, EN, FR.


Surf board rental
  • Duration: 2, 4 ó 8 hrs
  • Price from: 20€
  • Lenguages: ES, EN, FR.



Do I need to be a good swimmer for surf lessons in Tarifa?

No, but it helps a lot. Of course, if you can not swim at all, do not even think about entering the sea.

What physical condition do I need to learn to surf?

Actually none specifies. Do you know how to swim? Do you feel like having fun surfing in Tarifa? Well, that’s it.

We will have the surfboard that will help us move through the water and buoyancy most of the time, although there will be times when you will be separated from your board, you will have to dive or even swim to the beach.

If you think you have no problem playing with small waves, with a surfboard in your hand it will be much easier. That in the necessary physical condition.

If you are also strong, agile and swim frequently your learning capacity will be much faster.

Am I too old to start surfing?

As with any sport, the younger you start surfing, the easier it will be to learn.

If your intention is not to go to the surf world championship, you are at the ideal age to always learn. It’s never too late.

Possibly you’ll get tired faster and you may lack some of the agility compared to younger surfers. But you can learn to surf very well at any age, just be patient and have fun.

In the surf classes in Tarifa, above all you will have fun whatever you are.

With what type of surfboard should I start my surf lessons in Tarifa?

What is clear is that a beginner surfboard should be between 7 and 9 feet long and about three inches thick.

Our boards at the Camping Tarifa school, we have 3 perfect measurements for all levels of surfing initiation. They are also of a high quality, are tables that in the market do not lower 350 € the cheapest. There is no one who is reluctant to stand up in his first surf class in Tarifa.

Do I need a wetsuit to surf in Tarifa?

It depends on the time of year. In Andalucia we have a very good climate and in Tarifa almost 10 months a year it makes a very good temperature. But for surfing in Tarifa all year round, it’s just a matter of putting on a neoprene.

In summer and almost until November it is possible to surf with a lycra and your swimsuit.

Anyway, if you have a 2/3 or 3/4 surf neoprene suit, bring it. It never hurts when you want to surf for hours and hours.

If you do not have, we rent them.

Where should I learn to surf?

Basically, you must meet two criteria: that there is not much surfer and easy and small waves for beginners.

We look for gentle waves and waves that do not exceed 50 cm high.

These two conditions are not given every day, but fun is not only when all the factors accompany us. There are many ways to have fun, as well as many types of waves.

Do not worry, be quiet before reflecting on the endless list of factors that may or may not affect your surfing day in Tarifa, and consider the following questions as the most important: rolling in the waves, playing with the foams and trying Again and again stand on the table will you consider it as time well spent? Will you have fun even if you’re not surfing the waves like Kelly Slater?

If you think surfing in Tarifa seems fun, try it. You will not know what it is until you try. And if you try, the first time you slip on a wave, you will realize that it is a unique moment indelible in the memory. You can not stop surfing anymore.

What should I BRING to my surf lessons?

The most important thing is to bring something to wear under your neoprene suit. Something thin like a tight swimsuit is ideal, as they are comfortable and do not wrinkle.

You should also bring a towel, a high quality sunscreen with high factor and if you have neoprene booties with rubber soles that fit you.

The booties if you do not have, depending on the tide we’ll leave you some ..

What is the most important requirement to enjoy learning to surf?

The most important thing is how much more comfortable you are in the water, the better. The best way to feel comfortable is to understand that we will get into the water accompanied by a surf board that will help us if we understand the rules.

These rules are simple and we will explain them to you before teaching you how to row, pass the surf or stand on the surfboard.