Escuela de windsurf en Tarifa y Algeciras-Velair-Deportes de agua
Windsurfing Classes
  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Prices from: 55€
  • Languages: ES, EN, FR.


Private Courses
  • Duration: 2 a 5 days (2 hrs / day)
  • Prices from: 200€
  • Languages: ES, EN, FR.


Group Courses
  • Duration: 2 a 5 days (2 hrs / day)
  • Prices from 100€
  • Languages: ES, EN, FR.





What kind of Windsurfing Courses do you offer??

Courses and windsurfing classes in Group or Private.

Our Windsurf School offers individual lessons or courses to learn windsurfing.
Duration 2 to 5 days.

It will be my first time windsurfing which course would you recommend?

Do not worry, our Windsurfing Center organizes courses for all types skills from beginner to advanced.

If you have no previous experience and just want to taste windsurfing in Tarifa a group windsurfing class is a great choice. Group lessons are little cheaper than private.
If you already have previous windsurfing experience and/or you wish to learn to windsurf taking a fast way, probably your choice will be a private windsurfing course. Our windsurfing instructor will organize and schedule a Taylor made course for you.

When is the best season to learn windsurfing in Tarifa?

With Velair you will enjoy windsurfing 365 days a year.

We organize lessons from two different centers located at just 20 minutes from each other. Wind and waves conditions work differently on both locations.

When the wind is coming from the west “PONIENTE” Getares Windsurf Center has no waves. Great to learn!. With west winds “LEVANTE” it is wavy. Great for Surfing!.

West winds bring waves to Tarifa that is great for surfing but hard to learn windsurfing.  East winds are great for learning in Tarifa windsurfing Center.
Any time is great to learn windsurfing with Velair Windsurfing School in Tarifa or Getares.
In general, if you want to be sure, try to avoid rainy season (Jan, Feb, Mar). Spring and autumn are our favorites seasons as it is less crowded.

What is included in the windsurfing course?

Everything you need depending on your windsurfing skills and meteo conditions.

The windsurfing gear includes a wide range of sails sizes 0.5m2 to 6m2.
Certified windsurf instructor.
And also included in our windsurfing center Tarifa:
Long and short wetsuits with different thickness to avoid cold.
Shoes for water when needed.
Changing rooms with shower and hot water.
Access to the services of the Camping Tarifa, restaurant, swimming pool, and parking.
RC insurance and Accident, rescue boat.

Is windsurfing in Tarifa a safe activity?

Windsurfing involves some risks which it is managed by professionals.

The city of Tarifa is known for the wind intensity. Velair guarantees your safety using excellent windsurfing equipment and the best-experienced instructors. Just need to know how to swim. We have had zero accidents in the last 5 years.
The Windsurf School includes rescue, Civil Liability, and Accident insurance.
The monitors have studied a degree in sports with the specialty in Windsurfing.

Do you offer Windsurfing for kids?

Yes starting form 7 years old. We are specialized in teaching windsurfing to children. We combine education and learning, we are windsurfers and we love to teach.

Learning windsurfing keeps kids busy and active. Helping to transport and organize the equipment with us makes them responsible.
They will socialize and play with other children. It will help the parents to create a good atmosphere during their family vacations.
Eduardo and Miguel are Sports Technicians in Windsurf and studied a Bachelor in Teaching and Physical Education. It is a luxury that not all schools can offer. They are also parents, please be sure that they will take care of them with affection. We have no doubts about our professionals.
Kids under 12 must book on private or semiprivate (1 instructor – 2 kids – 1 board).

In which languages can you teach windsurfing?

It is possible to book your windsurfing lessons in English, French, and Spanish

Check our availability online before booking your windsurfing courses in any of the above-mentioned languages.

Is any parking available near your Windsurfing School?

Our windsurfing School in Tarifa is located inside Camping Tarifa, free and parking available for clients.

Come and leave your car under the shade and relax in a place with a familiar and safe atmosphere. Free and secured Parking.

What is the price of windsurfing courses?

Prices depending on whether it is a private or group course and the number of days.

Kindly have a look at the products described above the FAQ area. It is quite schematic. Call us if you wish to have more information about our products.

Will I be able to windsurf the first day?

With our learning plan, you will be in the water from the first moment.

Students learn to go, turn and return the first day. After learning to return to the shore, we will teach them to return to the starting point, almost everyone is capable after 2 hours of classes.

I am a beginner. What windsurfing course do you recommend?

If you just want to try, go for a windsurfing group lesson, to learn fast the private windsurfing course is the best choice.

In a group windsurfing course, we teach you the first steps of windsurfing from the beginning. The advantage of a group windsurfing course is that it is cheaper. On a private windsurfing course, we will customize the classes to your needs. Independently if you are beginner, intermediate or an expert. The advantage of the private windsurfing course is that you learn faster and it is more personal.

I am an intermedium - advanced windsurfer. What windsurfing course do you recommend?

Private courses for gybing, harnessing, girding, tackling, foot-straps riding, water start, planning, and maneuvers.

Explain to the instructor what windsurfing technique you wish to learn. Also, check the calendar of events if you are looking for windsurfing clinics. Forward, back loops and other advanced maneuvers are also under the scope of our school, please check with us or have a look at our calendar of clinics.

How many hours of windsurfing class do you recommend?

It’s hard to know, it depends on your goals and level of windsurfing, I mean.

If you just want to try windsurfing, book two hours of class in a group, it’s the best. If after the introduction you like windsurfing, you can continue and book 10 hours in a group or 4 hours private. Then you will be able to practice on your own by renting the windsurfing equipment from us.
If you are already determined to learn to windsurf, go for the 10 hours of group windsurfing or 4 hours of private course.
If you already have knowledge of how to windsurf, you are able to windsurf with your own equipment, we recommend you to go for private classes. Also, visit the calendar of events for windsurfing clinics.

What is your method of teaching windsurfing?

We teach safety, bearings and basic movements on land for about 15 minutes, the rest will be in the water.

The first thing to know is where the wind comes from and how does our windsurfing spot works. Learn how your equipment reacts and to be well positioned on the windsurf board.
How to lift the sail and move forward. Before going far we will teach you to turn and return to the shore. Surely at the beginning, you will not return to the starting point, we will correct your technique and you will learn to sail up-wind.
When you are able to do the above, we will teach you to tack, jibe and sail to any spot that you want.
After you are confident with these techniques, you can rent windsurfing equipment and improve on your own under our supervision. We will be watching you while sailing. Then you may need windsurfing lessons and move to the next level.

Is the sail too heavy? I tried windsurfing when I was a kid and remember it was too heavy

We also suffered heavy sails when we learned windsurfing, but equipment has evolved since then and nowadays it is much lighter and easier.

In the windsurfing school, we have special sails to teach easily. We select the windsurfing gear on daily basis depending on the weight, the strength of the student and the power of wind.

What happens to my classes when Tarifa is too windy to learn windsurfing?

As you, we do not want to cancel the windsurfing courses but we do not want to take any unnecessary risk either.

If wind and wave conditions are bad for windsurfing classes. We value delaying the course or canceling.
Note that we manage another windsurf school located at just 15-20 minutes from Tarifa. The conditions are always different there and it is easier to learn. We can move the course there always with your approval.

Where is Velair windsurfing school Tarifa?

The windsurf school is in Tarifa, Playa de Los Lances.

Inside the Camping Tarifa, which it is between Hotel Hurricane and Hotel Arte y Vida.
The place is great to come with the family. A quiet, safe and relaxed place right at the beach of Los Lances.
Private and free parking available inside the campsite. At the reception, they will facilitate the entrance if you come to take classes at the windsurfing school.
Inside you will enjoy changing rooms and hot showers and also a swimming pool.
C.N. 340, Km. 78.870, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz.
GPS coordinates Latitude: 36.054719 | Length: -5.64982