Surfing North coast of Morocco part 3: From Casablanca to Azemmour


This is the starting point of the route I did with my father, we travelled all along the Morroquian coast to Mauritania, the purpose of the trip was to get a better knowledge of the coast and to create contacts in all the different spots as my idea is to built up a surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing company that carry people with their own equipment into all these places, we will provide 4×4 cars, jetski, camping equipment, hotels, guides and all the necesary to live the adventure under good and safe conditions.

Morocco is growing really fast specially in the north but it is still wild if you avoid big cities, when I arrived to Casablanca I decided to leave the toll freway A5 that takes you to Marrakech (2 hours from Casa) and to take N1 that runs near the coast. Please note that if your destination is Essaouira or Agadir, the fastest is to go straithforward to Marrakech (it takes 4 hours from Casa to Essaouira and around 5 hours to Agadir) but you will miss many kilometres of incredible wild beaches that are much less crowded than the classical and popular spots around Agadir (Taghazout, Boilers, Killer Point, Banana, etc …)  . It will probably take 2 or 3 days to get to Essaouira from Casa if you use the coast road and see these places.

N1 is a two ways road in very good shape it gets more narrow but with less trafic while you advance south, you must be prudent as sometimes it looks an easy drive, big trucks and busses will be a big risk, some drivers go beyond their limits as they are forced by their companies to drive during day and night in order to deliver their cargo on time, I meet a truck driver in Tarfaya who was doing Dakar – Tanger in 3 days with a 100 tons cargo, he explained me that in the past he crushed into a tourist car with fatal consecuences.

The first place we visited is Dar Bouazza, which it is just a few kilometers south of Casa, some people claims that it is the most famous left in Morocco, the point is situated in front of Hotel des Arts and it works with north and west swell plus south winds, be aware of rocks, at the end of the beach that is in front of Marina Blanca there is another good point. Just a few km leaving Dar Bouazza direction El Jadida there is another long and sandy beach called Jack Beach very consistent and uncrowded beach break, this place is also great for kitesurfing (pass Imiss Café and make a right on the next round) it works well with mid to high tide.

Between Jack Beach and Azemmour the road runs along 50 km of nice beaches, it is easy to access to these beaches have a nice swim and explore.
Azemmour (Olive trees) an old city incluenced by phoenician, romans and portuguese which it is situated in a rivermouth,, the beach, El Haouzia it is situated on the south side of the rivermouth (north side is too messy) it is a long sandy beach which has great conditions for surfing, kiting and windsurfing. The best wind direction for windsurfing is N or NO normally onshore winds and it works quite well from November to June, for surfing the best tide is low to mid, swell coming from north and west, south wind which it is more usual during the morning. Watch out for the small rocks on the southern side of the beach.

Again sorry about my English.

To be continued …

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